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Harness Racing Trivia

  • Which track initated the mobile starting gate?
    Roosevelt Raceway in 1946.

  • What horse was the first 2 minute pacer?
    Star Pointer in 1897

  • Who was the first trotter to break the 2 minute barrier?
    Lou Dillion in 1903

  • Who was the first horse to break Greyhound's one mile trotting record of 1:55 1/4?
    Nevele Pride in 1:54 4/5 in a time trial at Indianapolis, Indiana in 1969.

  • When was Niatross syndicated?
    1980 for $8,000,000.

  • What year did harness racing begin?
    In 1554 there were trotting races in Holland.

  • Who was the first trotter to break the 3 minute barrier?
    Yankee in 2:59 at Harlem, New York in 1806.

  • What year was the Grand Circuit established?

  • In 1788 Messenger was imported from England to which city in the USA?

  • What was the original name of the Grand Circuit?
    Quadrilateral Trotting Combination

  • What breed was Messenger?
    A thoroughbred stallion.

  • In what year did harness racing first become an organized sport?
    1840 in New England.

  • What was the weight of the first sulky's?
    125 pounds

  • Which track was the first to have racing under lights?
    Roosevelt Raceway in 1940.

  • What year was the Hambletonian first raced?

  • What year was Cane Pace first raced?

  • What year was the Messenger Stake first raced?

  • What year was the Little Brown Jug first raced?

  • Where was Billy Haughton born?
    Gloversville, New York

  • What is the most common color of a standardbred?

  • What is the average height of a standardbred?
    15-16 hands

  • What is the average weight of a standardbred?
    900-1,000 pounds

  • Nevele Thunder by Nevele Pride was syndicated as a foal for how much money?
    $1,500,000 in 1975.

  • The name standardbred originated from which publication?
    Wallace's American Trotting Register which was first published in 1871 and standardbred referred to horses that could meet certain standards of speed.

  • The first standardbred organization which was formed in 1871 was known as?
    National Association of Trotting Horse Breeders

  • Early champion Laddy Suffolk was also known as?
    Old grey mare

  • Early champion Flora Temple referred as bobtailed mare in which song?
    Camptown Races

  • What famous pacer retired undefeated in the early 1900's?
    Dan Patch

  • What was the Long Island, New York Union Course known for?
    -South Challenge which drew 60,000 people in 1823 to watch a 3 heat 2 horse match race in which each heat was 4 miles.

  • Who won the first Woodrow Wilson?
    No Yankee in 1977 and the purse was $280,000.

  • Who took the first Meadowlands Pace?
    Escort in 1977 and the purse was $425,000.

  • What horse has the most consecutive wins at The Meadowlands?
    Ellamony with 16 consecutive wins 1993-1996.

  • Who was the top driver the first year The Meadowlands opened in 1976?

  • What year did John Campbell win his first Meadowlands driving title?

  • Who was the only women driver that competed on a regular basis at The Meadowlands?
    Joanne Looney-King

  • Who were the only 2 Afro-American drivers/trainers that competed in The Meadowlands Pace?
    Lew Williams and Dave Howard.

  • No Nukes was syndicated for how much money?
    $5,000,000 in 1981.

  • What is the oldest daytime track?
    Freehold Raceway which was established in 1853.

  • Where did Joe O'Brien train in the winter?
    Shafter, Calif.

  • What is the name of Joe O'Brien's stepson that became a trainer?
    Stanley Bayless

  • Nevele Pride was syndicated for how much money?
    $3,000,000 in 1969.

  • How old was Herve Filion when he started driving?

  • What was the name of Herve Filion training farm?
    Capital Hill Farms in Englishtown, N.J.

  • When did Herve Filion start racing in the USA?

  • Where was Stanley Dancer born?
    Edinburg, N.J.

  • What was the name of Stanley Dancer's training farm?
    Egyptian Acres in New Egypt, New Jersey.

  • Who was the first horse to win a $1,000,000 purse?

  • Who was the first horse to break the 1:50 barrier in a race?
    Nihilator in 1:49.3

  • What is the name of the horse that was favored in 2 of Niatross's starts as a 2-year-old?
    Whamo in 2 starts at The Meadowlands in which Niatross beat him.

  • Niatross lost 2 races because of breaks. Who beat him? Bruce Gimble at The Meadowlands. Trenton Time at Saratoga.

  • Was Niatross ever in a photo finish?

  • Who is the sire of Moni Maker?
    Speedy Crown

  • How many Hambletonian winners did Speedy Crown sire?
    3 which are: Speedy Somolli in 1978. Prakas in 1985. Armbro Goal in 1988.

  • What is Carmine Abbatiello's nickname?

  • What is Benny Webster's nickname?
    "The Whip"

  • What was Joe O'Brien's nickname?
    "Jolten Joe"

  • What is Bill O'Donnel's nickname?
    "Magic Man"

  • What is Catello Manzi's nickname?

  • Who was Nevele Pride's trainer?
    Stanley Dancer

  • What year did Stanley Dancer first become the leading driver at Roosevelt Raceway in New York?

  • What year was Stanley Dancer named the driver of the year?

  • Where was John Campbell born?

  • What year did John Campbell first begin driving?
    1972 at Windsor Raceway in Canada.

  • Who was the trainer of Speedy Scott the 1963 horse of the year?
    Ralph Baldwin

  • Who was the driver/trainer that Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote a verse about?
    Budd Doble "Budd Doble, whose catarrhal name/So fills the nasal trump of fame."

  • Who was the trainer of Bret Hanover?
    Frank Ervin

  • Bret Hanover won how many consecutive races?

  • Who was the trainer of Direct Scoter?
    Warren Cameron

  • What year did Hot Hitter win The Little Brown Jug?
    1979 and the driver was Herve Filion.

  • What year did driver Ben Webster win The Little Brown Jug?
    1975 and the horse was Sea Train.

  • What year did Most Happy Fella win The Little Brown Jug?
    1970 and the driver was Stanley Dancer.

  • When did Bill Popfinger win The Little Brown Jug?
    1978 and the horse was Happy Escort.

  • Where was Michael Lachance born?

  • What year did Jack Moiseyev win The Meadowlands driving title?

  • What year did driver Walter Case, Jr. win over 1,000 races?

  • Who is the dam of Valley Victory?
    Valley Victoria

  • Who is the dam of Artsplace?
    Ms Elvira

  • Who is the dam of Western Hanover?
    Wendymae Hanover

  • Who is the dam of No Nukes?Gidget Lobell

  • Who is the sire of Direct Scooter?
    Sampson Direct

  • Who won the first Hambletonian?
    Guy McKinney

  • Where did the first Hambletonian take place?
    Syracuse, N.Y.

  • Which pair of drivers were known as the "gold dust twins"?
    Stanley Dancer & Billy Haughton

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